Some Documentary Film Ideas I’ve Been Thinking Of

This blog has seen better days – I know I’ve let it slip for quite a while now.


I’ve been playing around with some ideas for my next documentary films. I want them to revolve around travelling or animals. I also plan to raise awareness about some important issues.

Here, I’ve listed some documentary film ideas I’ve been thinking of creating.

Finnish Sauna

I met some Finnish travelers last year who became good friends. This year, they’ve invited me to visit them in Finland. One of the things they’ve told me about their country is that the sauna is a substantial part of their culture. I’ve was told stories of relaxing in the sauna during winter followed by a mad dash to a frozen lake. Then jumping into the freezing water. That would make a fun, lighthearted mini documentary.

Sloth Sanctuaries

I’m headed to Costa Rica in a few months and it would be great if I can make a film about sloth sanctuaries and how some of the touristy ones have a negative impact to these poor animals. I’ve seen pictures of people holding baby sloths posted in some of my travel groups. Most are squee-ing and ‘liking’ these photos, asking where they can do the same. Yes, it’s cute but this is not right. Normalizing this behavior only encourages more abuse. If a sanctuary allows its visitors to hold them, runaway! Or better yet, report it. In my film I would interview some sloth experts citing why and how this practice should be stopped. I can also promote legitimate sanctuaries that really do care for these animals.


It’s a multibillion-dollar industry. My parents love them. Personally, I find them boring. I’ve only been to two whereas the ‘rents go almost every year so maybe I’m biased. What I do know is that most cruises advertise how they are ‘green’ but actually have big negative impacts to the environment overall. I’m thinking of shining a light on these. Some of the issues I’ve found on my preliminary research are major contributions to air and water pollution. One article mentions that they contribute more than 25% to the nitrogen oxides emissions in the areas they visit! Not to mention the social impact of hundreds and tourists flooding a city port. Then they go away a few hours later, leaving their trash and environmental footprint for the locals to take care of and balance out.


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