New Film Provides Insight into Woodworking for Profit

Hey everyone, this post is not actually about us. It is a plug for our friends at the film school, Marine and David, who have recently working on a documentary about woodworking and how it can be turned into a profit by either selling your stuff online or doing custom woodwork for clients.

This film will be released very soon and I’m sure it will be great – I’ve been witness to some of its behind-the-scenes happenings, and I tell you, it’s really good.

As a sneak peak, I can tell you that Marine and David will cover things like picking the best tools for your woodworking setup for which they recommend using a site such asĀ to read reviews before committing your hard-earned cash to tools. Turns out you don’t need nearly as many tools to start with, and they don’t have to be expensive, you just need to do your research and buy the tools according to the niche of the products that you will be pursuing. For example, small wooden toys don’t require all that much machinery or power tools as you might think and the setup is completely different from say, making cabinets.

They also cover all sorts of issues to consider while setting up shop – the layout, the basic stationary tools, safety matters and so on. From there, they will move into the types of woodworking projects you can actually work on, the things that really sell, and how to use your creativity to find niche wood ideas that people want without knowing they want it.

I think the really cool part is where they tell you all the secrets of how to actually get your products sold online – there are many tricks involved and they don’t hide anything. There is a lot of misconception is regards to selling art and handicraft on the web, which they skillfully clear up in this movie. They also go into things like tax considerations and so forth, all of which is very important if you want to earn a good and honest living with your woodworking skills.

Stay on the lookout for this one, we will notify when it comes online, so sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter.

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